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Shelbs Lamb

An introvert by any other name is really just a casual foodie, music junkie and creative. You can probably find me snuggling my sweet hubs and doggo, playing Sequence on game nights with my favorite humans, or reading a good book when my social batteries are low! 


Inspiring balance between your passions + everyday life, as well as practical solutions for entrepreneurs looking to create a seamless professional brand. As a newbie to the world of entrepreneurship, my goal for everything I share is to inspire you to explore and create the best version of you.

Bucket lists, goals and other important stuff

One of my biggest goals for 2019 was to start a blog and figure out how to monetize it and I made that a reality! Next year my biggest goal is to work towards expanding my readership + expanding my portfolio in photography and design. Multifaceted businesses are one of my favorite things to help other's create!
Last year we started a business 'Magnolia + Pine' that's focused on design and real-estate, but we're hoping to expand to so much more! Evan and I are in the process of buying a home to show-case our renovation / design skills while also creating a relaxed and comfy atmosphere for us to come home to. Finding that balance in style + comfort will be one of our favorite adventures this year!
magnolia + pine
Business Goals
Evan and I love exploring and trying new things. It really strengthens our bond, so we're thinking this year we'll go to a continent neither of us has ever been to. Asia or Africa we really haven't offically decided- but for now Thailand is the front runner!
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Bucket List
This upcoming year I have so many personal goal but I think right now my goals will be to get back into being in shape. read at least 4 good books, (not on audio in my car either!), focus on building up friendships with hospitality in our home. (I'm really bad about wanting people in our space- but when we actually do it- it feels amazing to have spent time with our friends with no pressure to go anywhere or do anything!)
Personal Development Goals

working together

I only take on a few clients at a time to make sure that each individual client is taken care of! With that in mind- please reach out to schedule a consultation so that we can accomplish your goals on your timeline. 


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Branding + photography can be incredibly daunting but they don’t have to be. Having a team behind you can make all the difference when starting a new venture.